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Following the trend of NFT games and with a progressive profile, the Mafagafo team developed an innovative game in several aspects.
  • FUN: you can play for real, as this game mixes reality with virtual! In contrast to other so-called Games NFTs on the market, with Mafagafo you can - and certainly will - spend hours playing, enjoying a creative, exciting and challenging game. Besides, of course, the fantastic possibility to also profit while playing and having fun!
  • SIMPLE: unlike other games on the market, Mafagafo is free from complexity, as it is simple and easy to understand. Therefore, there is no need to be an expert in games to have fun, after all Mafagafo has a limited number of buttons (jump/run/glide/swim), facilitating player interaction in surreal disputes with incredible challenges!
  • MP: every dispute generates points in the game - the MAFAPOINTS MPs - these points are acquired for each player's action, whether in the final position of the dispute or in the completion of tasks and challenges.
  • You can play freely! Unlike other NFT games, in Mafagafo you don't have time limits or games, in other words, the player can play as much as he wants! For the player, every day, there will always be the possibility of being able to have fun, collect and profit!
  • Collectibles: by earning MPs, the player will be able to buy items from the Game Pass, as there will be a new character available - the mafagafos - to be purchased with MPs at each level reached within the blocks of 5 items. There are 7 models in this first season, but often new characters will be created and made available in the game store.
  • Game Pass: is a way to differentiate the FREE player from paid players, with a simple fee of 27 USD that will be paid in $MAFAcoins. When playing, the player will grant access to earn MPs and, consequently, will be able to buy collectibles. Game Pass payment is made only once per season.
  • Mafacoins: is a Mafagafo token, remembering that it is not acquired by playing. The player can buy and sell it on DEX, using the in-game contract ( ), and on our Marketplace where he can sell and buy items.
  • Brooders: to make the genetic mixture it will be necessary to purchase or rent brooders.
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