Genesis Mafagafos

Each of these Mafagafos are one of a kind with their own design, personality and quirks.
Genesis Mafagafos are composed by 7,117 unique and collectible NFTs that will be the only ones to give access to the mint of future collections:
  • Genesis Lands;
  • Accessories;
  • The next Mafagafo Collections;
  • All other upcoming NFTs in the Ecosystem.
They are also the only ones you can use to compete in the racing Game Mode, where Mafagafos can run without the need to sleep for 24 hours.
Other than that, the Genesis Collection is the only way into monthly Tournaments and the Mafagafo World Championships.
Players are only allowed to create Scholarships programs with the Genesis Mafagafos.
Holders of this NFT will be able to vote in a DAO based mechanism on future game related decisions.
Lastly, all the Genesis holders will receive an exclusive TAG and have access to a Genesis-only Discord chat-room.
Here’s how they'll be distributed:
  • Devs, Marketing, Giveaways: 420 NFTs
  • Whitelist and Public Mint: 6,697 NFTs