Gameplay maps
This section brings you everything you need to know about Mafagafo's gameplay and economy during!
Currently, there are 5 maps available:
🚧 Obstacle Course: Get to the end of the circuit by dodging as many obstacles as you can. At the beginning, try to run around the corners, and in the passage between platforms to the ball one, jump and glide (double spacebar). In spinning hammer obstacles, you can stand in the middle of it, and they will go around you and not knock you down.
🐝 Hive: Stay Alive! The ground below you will break whenever you step over it. The building has 6 floors to go down, until at the end of it all, when falling into the water, the player is eliminated. Always try to stay as high as possible, use the belly jump (shift key) only in life or death situations, and if you are skilled, you can try jumping "from floor to floor", so it will take a little longer to break.
💦 Waterslide: Slide down and be the first at the finish line! But to get there you’ll have to glide around obstacles, jump barriers, get speed bursts, swim through pools and leap across platforms!
🌻 Sunflower: On this map strategy is very necessary! Your objective is to jump onto the platforms at the right time and position to be the first to get on top! But, be careful if you fall down you’ll have to start over!
Ship: Start form the ship and be the first on the beach! All of that jumping through moving obstacles, platforms, balancing on the tightrope, avoiding punches and swimming to the finish line!
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